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Behind The Ear

BTE- Hearing Aid ahmedabad

BTE Hearing Aid ahmedabad spring over the highest point of your ear and rest behind the ear. The portable BTE Hearing Aid gets sound, enhances it and conveys the boost sound to an ear shape that fits inside your ear arm. This kind of help is fitting for a wide range of hearing difficulty, and for individuals all things weigh up.
A BTE- Hearing Aid:
  • The largest model of hearing aid
  • House a variety of circuit options and amplify sounds to a greater degree than most custom models
  • Sends sound to the ear canal via the ear mold and clear plastic tubing, which is molded to fit comfortably in the outer ear area
  • The new BTE offers a completely new way to control the volume and settings on hearing aids with the simple sweep or touch of a finger. Even those with limited dexterity can easily adjust their hearing aids.
  • Appropriate for most types of hearing loss
  • Is the biggest, most clear sort of portable BTE- Hearing Aid, however some new forms are compact, smooth and hardly noticeable.
  • Is able to do more amplification are other Hearing Aid styles.
Type of Hearing
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