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1) What We Repair

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It’s rare that we encounter a hearing aid we can’t fix. We will repair any style or brand of hearing aid, replace all defective parts, clean and test the components and re-mount and seal the microphone and receiver. We then test the hearing aid and return it to you with our industry-leading one-year warranty.
There is no charge for either parts or labor if your hearing aid should need repair during the warranty period. Physical damage to your hearing aid is not covered under warranty.

  • FAQs
  • Fill out and submit our online service form
    Just a few quick questions about you and your hearing aid
  • Pay online with your credit card or PayPal
    We also accept personal checks and money orders
  • Package and ship your hearing aid
    A small box works well
  • Enjoy your good-as-new hearing aid
    Most hearing aid repairs are completed in 4–5 business days

2) Extended Warranty information

  • Comprehensive – covers anything that could happen to your hearing aid, if it is damage or the component Fail it will be replaced or repaired.
  • Loss & Damage – coverers replacing or repairing  any visible  external damage to the shell or Faceplate ( This warranty does Not cover  Failure of internal electronics part for any reson including immersion in water , Exposure to water , Exposure to water and any foreign substances )
  • Damage And Component Failure – covers external and /or any failure of the component parts An aid damaged beyond repair will not be replaced.Insted a prorated refund will be issued on the balance of the warranty.

RATE SHEDULE CHART – Annual Pricing for One (1) Aid

Coverage Type. Comprehensive. Damage.
All conventional & all entry level
All model- Rs  2000/-
5 year older Rs 3500/-
All model- Rs  3500/-
5 year older Rs 5500/-
All Entry to middle level digital
All model- Rs  6000/-
5 year older Rs 15500/-
All model- Rs  2000/-
5 year older Rs 23500/-
All middle to Higher level digital cros /bicros
All model- Rs  12000/-
5 year older Rs 18500/-
All model- Rs  18000/-
5 year older Rs 25500/-
All  premium technology
All model- Rs  27000/-
5 year older Rs 33500/-
All model- Rs  30000/-
5 year older Rs 45000/-

All the leading brands are covered .

Coverage Type. Rate
All conventional & all entry level
All model- Rs  2000/- 4 Home visit
Audiogram General services at spot
All Entry to middle level digital
All model- Rs  6000/- 8 Home visit
Audiogram General services at spot
All middle to Higher level digital cros /bicros
All model- Rs  8000/- 1o Home visit
Audiogram General services at spot
All  premium technology
All model- Rs  12000/- 12 Home visit
Audiogram General services at spot
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Frequently Asked Questions

1 ) My hearing aid is only two years old, but it is very weak and not doing me much good.  Do I need a new one?

No, even after two years, your hearing aid’s speaker (aka receiver) has probably been affected by earwax and body oil.  Having your hearing aid repaired and all defective parts replaced will make it as good as new.

2 ) Is it possible my hearing aid is too old to be repaired, or that replacement parts are no longer available?

The fast majority of hearing aids can be repaired, regardless of their age.  In the rare case that we cannot repair your hearing aid, we will ship it back to you and give you a full refund.

3 ) I have been told my five year old hearing aid should be replaced.  Is this true?

There is no part of you hearing aid that stops working just because it is five years old.  We can make your aid sound like new.  If your aid met your needs when it was new then after we repair it you can enjoy the same new sound.

4 ) Do you repair digital and programmable hearing aids?

Yes! We repair all makes, and models of hearing aids and remote controls.We can fix analog, digital, programmable, in-the-ear, and behind-the-ear aids.

5 ) I own a programmable hearing aid; will the program be changed when the hearing aids is repaired?

Most repairs do not involve programming changes.  We will not change the programming without contacting you first. 

My hearing aid dealer said I should only take my hearing aid to him for service, because no one else can repair it.

It almost all cases your hearing aid dealer will send your aid to one of two places when it needs repair.  They will send them to a manufacturer or to a lab just like ours.  We can almost always repair your aid for less than your local dealer.

6 ) Is it true that I will hear better with a digital and programmable hearing aid than with the analog model I have not?

Digital and programmable hearing aids are the new technology and work very well.  There are many factors that determine the end result for you as a user.  Please call us and we will be happy to talk in detail about the differences.  The people that tell us they prefer analog aids are the most often musicians or long time users of analog aids. 

7 ) Why should I send my hearing aid off to a distant lab, instead of just taking it to my local hearing aid dealer for service?

Your local hearing aid dealer will almost always send your aid to the manufacturer or a lab just like ours for repair.  By sending your aid directly to us we can usually repair it for less than your local dealer will charge.  Take advantage of the cleaning and adjusting your local dealer can provie.  When it comes time for a full repair cut out the middle man and send your aid directly to us.

8 ) Is it safe to ship my hearing aid off in the mail?

Regardless of where you go to have your hearing aid repaired, it will get sent off to a manufacturer or lab.  We recommend that you insure your aid for the replacement cost when you mail it because the replacement costs are so high.  We carry insurance that covers your aid from the time it is delivered to us until it is delivered back to you.  We accept any carrier-USPS, FedEx, UPS, ect. 

9 ) You are not the cheapest hearing aid repair lab online.  Why should I choose to have you service my hearing aid if I can get it done for less with another company?

Our standard repair fee covers all types of aids and includes return shipping via Priority Mail and a full one year warranty.  Many of our competitors charge additional fees for digital aids and do not include shipping and one year warranty. 

Most of all we want what is best for you.  We are committed to offering the best value possible.  At our lab you will get great service and personal attention.  We hope you feel like that commitment to you is worth a few extra dollars.

10 ) The top (faceplate) of my in-the-ear hearing aid or the case of my behind-the-ear hearing aid is broken.  Is it true that my hearing aid can’t be repaired and I will have to buy a new one?

No! We have resurrected hearing aids that were completely crushed.  Most of the time we can save you money and repair the faceplate or cracked case without having to replate or recase your hearing aid.  If we had to replate or recase the hearing aid, we would call you and get your permission before proceeding with that additional work.

11 ) My dog chewed up my hearing aid, or I accidentally stepped on it and the case is broken.  Or worse, parts are missing- is it beyond help?

We’d have to see it first, but most likely we can repair your hearing aid.  If it is a BTE hearing aid, just send it to us for repair.  If it is an ITE aid call us and we will give you further instructions.

12 ) I have the smallest, completely-in-canal hearing aid.  Do you repair that?

Yes we do!  When we talk about in-the-ear hearing aids we include all the different models made.

13 ) I cleaned my hearing aid and now it is either weak, dead, or I just get feedback.  Can I do something myself to correct this?

No, your hearing aid will have to be opened and repaired.  You most likely damaged either the microphone, speaker, or both.  Send your hearing aid to us and we will repair it to like-new condition.

14 ) What kind of warranty do you give on repaired hearing aids?

We give a one-year warranty for parts and labor.  Our warranty covers your hearing aid for that year should it require service, at no charge to you.

15 ) What should I do if I can’t find, or don’t know, the serial number or make/model of my hearing aid?

Fill out our online order form the best you can.  Give us as much information as possible, but don’t worry about anything you don’t know.  We will take care of the rest.

16 ) Is my privacy protected?  Do you sell names, addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses?

We do not sell or share any information with anyone, period!


About 9 out of 10 hearing aids we receive can be fixed for our standard repair fee, while a few also need a new case, faceplate, or circuit — the fee for these repairs is extra. All repairs come with our one-year warranty.

Our standard repair fee applies to analog and digital hearing aids, and there is no extra charge for programming at the time of repair.

If your instrument needs a repair that requires an additional fee, we will contact you before proceeding with the repair. If for some reason we are unable to fix your instrument — or if you decide not to use our services after you receive an estimate — we will return your hearing aid and refund any fees you already have paid.

Hearing Aid Issues

Hearing aids are delicate electronic devices. Wonderful when they are in perfect working order and of great benefit to its user. But there are so many things that can go wrong. Dropping an aid can do it, not just on a hard surface but even on a soft carpet. Stepping into the shower with an aid can get just a small amount of water into the microphone ruining the microphone. Diving into a pool is bad too. There are also things we have very little control over, such as perspiration, body oil, earwax and dust. Earwax is probably the hearing aid's biggest enemy. Trying to clean earwax out of a hearing aid is the most frequent user inflicted damage. So great care has to be taken when cleaning a hearing aid. One should never use any type of liquid, only dry tissue. Only the proper tool, never toothpicks, needles or pencils. But no matter how clean we keep our hearing aids, that oil will eventually get into the receiver (speaker) and ruin it. It is only a matter of time. Most hearing aids (99.5%) can be repaired and will perform as good as new... no matter what you may have heard or have been told. Having your hearing aid repaired will of course save you a lot of money, a new hearing aid would cost you many times the cost of a repair. There is also no age limit when it comes to what can be repaired. When overhauled, a hearing aid will perform as good as new no matter how old it is. Where you get your hearing aid repaired matters as well... Remember the old saying... You get what you pay for.

  • Risk-free repair and money back Guarantee
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Industry leading one-year warranty
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