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The Vertigo and Balance Centre is comprised of such super specialists dedicated to diagnose, access and manage such problems in a focused and systematic way. We consist of an internationally reputed highly experienced consultant otologist /audiovestibular physician; senior and experienced senior audiologists and highly experienced and senior balance rehabilitation specialists. The audiologists are also highly experienced in anxiety and stress management which is an integral part of any balance management and in novel methods of rehabilitation for example rehabilitation of over reliance of visual senses as a result of disease Balance problems are common that result in a poor quality of life and may lead to increased chances of physical injuries. Balance problems can only be diagnosed by super specialists working together. They frequently remain under or not diagnosed leading to further difficulties.

the human balance system operates through three peripheral sensors " the eyes, the muscle and joint senses and the ears to enable a subject to orient himself in space. This is achieved when the input from these sensors is integrated in the brain and the processed signal is then sent back to the periphery by way of different muscle reflexes. Any problem interfering with this loop leads to symptoms like dizziness, vertigo, light-headedness, imbalance, difficulties in movement and may result in falls especially in the elderly.

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